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Start saving today with the AHS Appliance Discount Program:

1. Click the button below to
     login to your My Account.
     If you do not have a My
     Account, you will need to
     create one first.

2. Click on the AHS
     Appliance Discount
     Program banner on the
     right side of your My
     Account home page.

3. Download the instructions
     and worksheet to
     start shopping!

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Customer Testimonial

The Appliance Discount Program

“I found the American Home Shield appliance
discount program very, very valuable. I was
able to save $203 with it. My overall
experience with the American Home Shield
appliance discount program was positive. If I
have to buy an appliance, I can really benefit
from the discount. I am totally satisfied with
the program.”
-Victor Tarkeh | Marlboro, MD
Customer Survey 2013
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*AHS Appliance Discount Program is available to current AHS Home Protection Plan customers. To qualify for the AHS Appliance Discount Program, you must have a valid contract number. The Appliance Discount Program is not available in Hawaii. Available for consumer use only. One or more brand name appliance providers available at any given time.
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